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Welcome to Amington Heath Primary School.  My name is Mr Legge and I am proud to welcome you as the Chair of Governors.

Why am I proud?  Proud because every time I come into school I meet a sea of smiling faces both pupils and staff.  So why are the youngsters smiling?  Firstly, they smile because they feel safe, cared for and cherished.  We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of bullying and a strict behaviour code.  Children know where they stand and respond positively, this helps friendships flourish.  Secondly, children smile because they are not only enjoying their learning; they feel good about their educational achievements.  Our children, whatever their ability make good progress.  You can confirm this by looking at Government data.  The progress our children make puts them in the top third of all the schools in England.

So how does this come about?  It is because all staff from the Headteacher to the Lunchtime Supervisors work closely together and are committed to do the very best for the children in our care.

We want them to grow up to be young people we can all be proud of, people who are confident yet caring, ambitious yet realistic and people who can express and enjoy their own individual qualities.  My job is to make sure this happens.  I hope you and your family enjoy your time in our lovely school.

Mr T R Legge M.A.Cantab

Chair of Governors


Governing Body 2017- 2018

Mr Tim Legge - Chair / LA Governor (term 15/05/2020)

Rev. Ben Green - Vice Chair/Co-opted Governor (term 04/05/2021)

Mr Roger Bullock - Co-opted Governor (term 28/06/2021)

Mrs Sherlene Ross - Parent Governor (term 21/06/2020)

Mr Nigel Box- Co-opted Gorvernor (term 07/02/2022)

Mrs Leanne Lea - Parent Governor (term 21/06/2020)

Mrs Charlotte Davies - Headteacher

​Mrs Emma White - ​Parent Governor (term 21/06/2020)

Mr Simon Hall - Co-opted Governor (term 29/11/2022)

Ms Janice MacKenzie - ​Staff Governor (term 31/08/2021)

Miss Charlotte Wetton - Associate (term 15/03/2021)

Mrs Tess Vigus - Clerk to Governors

Dates of Governors Meeting 2019-20

                Wednesday 18th September

                Wednesday 13th November (Clerked)

                Wednesday 15th January

                Wednesday 11th March (Clerked)

                Wednesday 29th April

                Wednesday 10th June (Clerked)



Dates of Governor Meetings 2018-19

Committees and nominated Link Governors 2018-19

Instrument of Governance Nov 2014.pdf

List of Pecuniary Interests Sep 2018 - July 19

Governor Attendance