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Here are the home learning activities for Monday 1st June to Friday 12th June for Nursery children who are not attending school:

Remember to email any work you are completing! You can email Miss Wetton on StaffThree@amingtonheath.staffs.sch.uk to show off your learning, Mrs Lawrence on StaffEight@amingtonheath.staffs.sch.uk for technical support or send photos to the school's Facebook page. We LOVE seeing what you are up to at home! 

Daily Maths:

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Daily Phonics:

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Story link :


Story Time

Listen carefully to the story …

What questions can you think to ask the characters?


Expressive arts -Mixed media

Create your very own Big Bad Wolf!

Shape. Space and measure

Use different 2D shapes to make the houses. Name them and describe their properties.




Understanding the world

Find different materials in the house and test their strength. Which would hold the most weight? Which is the most waterproof? Design an experiment and carry it out to discover what you would build your own house out of and why.

Speaking and listening

Pretend to be the different characters in the story and Hot Seat them. Ask them questions about what happened and how they felt. How would the different characters react? Bonus points for costumes and silly voices!


Remember to practice your name and some letter formation every single day. Write a new version of the story – what would happen if it was the Big Bad cat or Bird or Dinosaur! Add illustrations to bring it to life! Finger spaces, sounding out and full stops please!



Good morning, This week our work is all abolut the traditional tale 'The Gingerbread man'

 click on the picture for the song 

Writing- write the story of the Gingerbread man - don't forget those full stops!

Technology - take photos using a camera  of different places in the house or garden where the gingerbread man could hide.

Number - complete numberblocks Season 2 episode 8

People and communities - what differebt jobs are in the story? Who else could ge meet? Would they help him?


Physical development - create a dance for the song - try to add in balances and high and low movements. 

Being imaginative - create your own story sack for the traditional tale and use it to teach everyone the story. 

Shape, space and measure- use 2d shapes to desgin an outfit for the gingerbread man

Self-confidence - teach someone else the song - this is one of your favourites! 

word of the day - believe - discuss and use in a sentence. 


Understanding the world and writing - try some baking at home and then write out the recipe - don't forget to use finger spaces!

Maths - weigh out all the different ingredients carefully and check with an adult. Discuss which is lighter or heavier. 

Mixed media - design a gingebread house for his to live in. 

Physical development - set up the story outside - journey round trying to remember the repeated phrases. 

Word of the day - escape - what does it mean? Use it in a sentence. 

Song of the day - see above 

Good morning Reception, I hope you ahd a great VE day - please send me your pictures. This week we will be looking at 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear?' 

Click on the picture to hear. 

Maths- using cards, dice or numbers hidden around the room practice subtration such as 10 take away 4.

Being imaginative - gather different resoucres from around the house and try to alance them on top of each other to creat an igloo den.

Physcial development- Try go noodle today - it is free to sign up and some fantastic sporting activities. The children love the polar bear chase one!

Word of the day - gather - discuss and use in a sentence

Song of the day- the gingerbread man 

Writing - draw a polar bear and label the different parts. Can you write some sentences about the polar bear?

Maths - Time to create some shape art... remember to talk about their properties. 

Craft Time- 

Igloos help to keep people warm in the Arctic even though they are made of snow! Try to build your own out of things in the house. Could be 3D or 2D. 

Word of the day - igloo - discuss and use in a snetence

Song of the day - 10 green bottle hanging on a wall 

Being imaginative - Can you make up your own verse to the song... what about a monkey? Or a dog? What would their lines be? 

Writing- Now try to write up your verse - I would love to see them! Don't forget those finger spaces!

Art project - 

Create a snow scene to represent this habitat! 


The world - Find some plastice toys and freese in the freezer, time how long it takes to tap them. Now the fun part - try and figure out how to free them! Give the children different items to try e,g, salt, water, talc, spoons or oil. What works best to melt the ice and free the toys?

Word of Day - Arctic - What does it mean? Use it in a sentence. 

Song of the day - The song above form the story! Its very catchy!


Good morning Reception, This week we will be looking at a classic book called 'Where the wild things are'.

click on the picture for the story 

Shape, space and measure - collect 'Wild Things' in the house and sort them according to height and weight. 

Speaking - Look at the pictures in the story, think of as may words to describe the picture as possible. Put in in a sentence. Can you think of any questions. 

Reading- take a look at the live RWI lessons on youtube

Technology- use a photo app to turn a member of your familiy into a 'Wild Thing' by uing the mark up feature to edit the photo. Can you turn your whole family in to a family of 'Wild Things'? 

Word of the day- 'mysterious' discuss and use in a sentence

Song of the day - She'll be coming round the mountain...

Physical Development - recreate a circuit for the story in the garden... 10 star jumps when he meets a Wild Thing, 5 hops when he becomes king. 

Shape, space measure - create a shape picture of the island he discovers - what are the properties of the shapes. 

Being imaginative- make up a song to tell others all about the Wild Things

Mixed media - create your own 'Wild Thing creature'. Consider hwat parts of other animals would you use and why? What skills would you ive to your creature?

Reading - set up the story as a journey around the house and garden. Retell it as you go stoping for key moments. 

Writing - write words or short sentnces to describe the Wild Things. Remember to sound out the words carefully and use finger spaces. 

Being imaginative- get out in the garden to create a mud kitchen or use the real kitechen with an adults permission adnc reate a unique perfect supper for the Wild Things. 

World of the day - 'unique' use it in a sentence and discuss

Song of the day - Old McDonald had a farm


Good Morning, I hope you all had a wonderful sunny weekend! Because of the hot weather we are moving on to a hot habitat this week... I hope you enjoy the story.

click on the picture to listen to the story 

Monday 4th May 

Last day exploring Africa...

Now you have learnt about the creautres that live in the Savannah and the climate there, it is time to teach it. If you know something well enough then you can teach it to others. Line up those teddies, create the school of mum and dad or teach someone through facetime. You are the teacher today!

This is great for building self-confidence, self-esteem and also improving speaking and listening skills. 

Don't forget to use your Africa project from last week to help it come aline!

Friday 1st May 

It is the first day of May, traditions in the UK include dancing and singing with the May pole. 

Being imaginative - can you create a may pole inyour house or garden sing a range of different materials. 

Technology - Look up and explore what the may pole is for May day. Can you load a video to watch all about it? 

Physical development - Can you make patterns around the may pole by changing direction and height. 

People and our communities - Discuss with the children ways that they can be kind to others during lockdown. For example by posting notes, calling a family member and helping out around the house. 

Word of the day - 'considerate' Discuss and use in a sentence 

Song of the day - Wind the Bobbin up 

Thursday 30th April 

Mixed media - make a giraffe with removable spots. Use what ever you can find. 

Number - practice counting, adding and subtracting the different spots on and off of the Giraffe. If your feeling up for a challenge, make two Giraffes and practice your doubling and sharing. 

Health and Self- Care - practice washing the dishes. How do we ensure that soap is used and that the plates are nice and clean?

Physcial Development- pick your favourite cosmic yoga on line and get stretching. 

Word of the day - 'effort' discuss and use in a sentence.

Song of the day - The Gingerbread man

Wendesday 29th April 

Shape, space and measure - use the African craft from yesterday to take different measurements. How many giraffes tall is the door? How many elephants wide is the bath?

Reading - act out the story of Giraffes can't dance. Use your African art to help it come to life. 

Speaking - ask questions that you would like to find more about surrounding Africa and its animals. Record these. 

Technology- now seek out the answers to your questions. ask an adult to help you. 

Self-confidence - teach someone in the house what you have learnt about Africa so far. Be proud of everything you know!

Word of the day - 'suited' discuss and use in a sentence

song of the day - She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes. 

Tuesday 28th April 

Project day...

You will need this for the rest of your learning this week... Time to create an African habitat 

1, hunt for recyable items

2. decide on the trees, graound and water hole. 

3. what animals where will there be? 

4. how will you constuct and attach? 

5. get making! 

6. Send me photos...

Listening- Listen to different types of music and different sounds around the house, what sounds similar? Different? Which is your favourite? Why not do some data collection and ask everyone in your house? record it on a table. 

Physical Development- Now you have a favourite song, lets make up a dance to it and get your familiy involved. Can you add in balances and claps? Can you make your body as small as possible? Stand on one foot? Jump in time to the music? What about hop?

Being imaginative - Raid the cupboards for pots and pans, search the house for sticks and spoons... ready... now make your own music! can you create a family band? 

Understanding the world - This story is set in Africa. Today I would like you to find out as much as you can about the climate in Africa and what animals might be there... you will need this later in the week. 

Word of the day- 'determined' - use it in a sentence and discuss. 

Song of the day - 10 green bottles hanging on a wall. 

  click on the picture to listen to the story 

Friday 24th March 

Project day!

Pick a sea creature and find out as much as you possible can about the. Where do the live? What do they eat? How big can they grow? 

Thursday 23rd March 

Shape, space and measure - Use 2D shapes to create sea creatures. Can you turn these into a repeated pattern where on thing is changing? What about two? Now order your patterns smallest to largest. 

Number - Write numbers onto ten on bits of paper and put them in a pot. Now, pick out one of the numbers and count out the items. It could be anything from lego blocks, to tddies. Then pick out another number and take take many away. How many are left? Have fun practicing! 

Technology - Have a go at this fun under water counting game... click here 

People and our communites- talk about the different people that help sea creatures and what we can do to help them too. Think about litter, pollution and plastic waste. Can you create a help save the oceans poster?

Word of the day - 'pollution' discuss and use in a sentence. 

Song of the day- The wheels on the bus

Wednesday 22nd March 

Technology- with an adult watchin for safety find youtube video of the sounds of the ocean. Practice play, pause, stop. Discuss with your child why it isn't safe to use youtube alone at their age and how we can make sure we use it safely. Discuss never sharing your name or address with strangers. 

Listening- listen to the you tubeclip what can you hear in the ocean? Now go outside and describe what you can hear. Try different rooms in the house. Try closing your eyes - you will hear sounds you haven't noticed before such a the hum of the fridge. 

Being imaginative - Create some sea creature puppets today to use in a retelling of the Tiddle story. Act along with the story and join in on repeated phrases. 

Understanding the world - use the puppets to cast shadows in the garden (try different items in the house too) draw around them with chalk or paper and pencil. leave them there until later - how have the shadows changed? Why might this have happened? What is shadow?

Word of the day - 'shadow' discuss it and use it in a sentence

Song of the day - head shoulders knees and toes. 


Tuesday 21st March 

Physcial Development - play a game of jelly fish as a family. This is very similar to 'stuck in the mud' however to be able to free each other you have to go under their legs (the Jelly fish tenitcles). Practice moving in a variety of ways - quickly, slowly, largest, smallest, slow motion even as if underwater. 

Being imaginative - Gab container from the the kitchen, straws, foil, pipe cleaners, card (any craft supplies you can find) and lots of different soap solutions. Have fun trying to create your very own bubble mixture. Try adding less water? Swap the type of soap? Does hair conditioner work? What is the best material to make a bubble wand out of? 

Speaking/communication and lanugage  - Asking questions is a very important part of development. Have a go at the magic whiteboard pen drawing trick or food colouring rainbow and encourage your child to task questions. You may need to model a few to get them started. 

Self-Confidence- Work with your child to create their own chores chart one a day for the week. The idea that these are easily achievable for the children and are celebrated daily so that they gain build their self-confidence in helping the familiy. 

Word of the day- 'curiosity' discuss what it means and try to use it in a sentence. 

Song of the day - Wind the bobbin up - check youtube for Miss Pretty teaching this song. 

Monday 20th March 

Writing - write your own story for why you could be late? Remember to think of your sentence, count the words, then start writing using your sounds to sound out each word. Don't forget those finger spaces and full stops (we haven't done captials yet as these don't come until June/July). 

Reading - can you join in with the repeated phrases in the story? Can you make up your own version - who else could be late? What could they be late for? Grab a pencil and paper and try to draw your own story map! 

Mixed media - Can you create your own undersea creatures to help you retell the story? Use different items around your house to help you. 

Understanding the world - Its time start thinking about habitats. The two habitats I want you to think about today is underwater in the sea and your back garden. Go out and investigate in your garden - what lives there? What might they eat? Now think about the story and talk to your familiy - what do they know about the animals in the sea? Find a fun and interesting way to present your findings... picture, model, tv show, email, outdoor art or even your own teaching video. 

Word of the day - 'Habitat' - use it in a sentence, discuss what it means. 

Song of the day - Row, row, row your boat. 

Remember you should be emailing updates, photos of work and questions to the teacher email account set up for school closure. 

Miss Wetton's email is StaffThree@amingtonheath.staffs.sch.uk