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Covid19 Pandemic



How is Amington Heath Primary School supporting children and families during the Covid19 pandemic?

The government closed schools on the 20th March 2020. Amington Heath Primary School worked quickly to put in place systems and process to support the wellbeing, safety and education of our children and families.

During closure, we remained open to vulnerable children and children of key workers. This was approximately 10 per day. These children received a combination of childcare and education.

Remote learning has been provided for all children learning from home and parents have been encouraged to share that learning with class teachers who respond accordingly. This has been a combination of paper based learning packs, web based learning and special projects and challenges. We have also set up a school YouTube challenge where we share learning videos and story time.

From June 1st, the government asked schools to open to children in nursery, reception, Year one and Year six. We devised safe systems and procedures to offer a place to all children in these year groups who wished to return.

Although the government redacted plans for all children before summer, at Amington Heath we felt it was important to get year children back as soon as possible. We were able to do this safely from 22nd June, when we also opened up to 2 and 3 year olds.

We continue to offer places to vulnerable and key worker children in all year groups. We have not had to turn away any children. We now have 55% of children in eligible year groups attending school. Which is above the national average.

During this time of (partial) closure, we have continued to remain in regular contact with all families, particularly those we think are more vulnerable. We have provided food parcels – breakfast lunch and dinner – every week and delivered these to families who are unable to collect. We have to date, distributed over 2,688 food parcels!


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How do parents think we have done?

Alice is loveing being back at school, she has missed everyone, i believe you are doing your best to keep our children safe, alice loves her bubble and all her friends in it, she can't wait to come in today ❤ x’

‘My two have been so happy in both the key working group and now being back properly!!! I have no complaints from the girls and I personally think you’ve done a grand job with the re jig!!! 🙌🏻’

‘Dan seems happy to be back. As he's year 6 I felt it important that he got back into as normal routine as possible during this time. Being lucky enough to see what happens behind the scenes I was 100% confident the children would be as safe as you could make them.’

‘Tyler prefers it he says it’s more fun than normal school. I’m So happy he is enjoying it as I’m not gonna lie I was really worried about sending him back. Not just because of the virus but because of all the single playing and the social distancing but from photos and what he’s telling me he looks like he’s enjoying being back to a normality. Thanks to all at amington heath you really are going above and beyond for all the children and the parents too. Xxx’

What a fantastic school
Riley and Rayden said thank you 💗💗

It's such a challenging time for everyone and I would like to thank Amington Heath for all their commitment and support to all children and families through this, so a big thanks from us, you are all true amington aliens for you resilience and determination 👽💝😇

Thank you .. this school and the teachers and just amazing. All going out of your way to help children and families.. just brilliant xx

Thank you soo much guys also the work pack for my daughter that's in nursery was super fun and interesting. Your a amazing school with amazing staff stay safe ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you to all the staff 👏👏❤️❤️ xxxx legends 💗 hope u heard them claps far and wide last night @8pm cuz they too were for you 💕 xxxx


Please find below links to school specific information. 

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Please also note that we have made amendments to our safeguarding, e-safety, social media, communication, behaviour policies. These can be found on out policies page. 

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