Computing has links with virtually all other areas of learning, but also has some defined strands in its own right too. It used to be called Information and Communications Technology (ICT) but is now called computing, to reflect the emphasis on computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming - then how to use and apply the skills across all areas of learning.

Importance is placed on creating confidence in the use of I.C.T. skills for use in all areas of the curriculum. This is done not only in word processing, but in general handling of information be it in simple story form or more sophisticated desk-top publishing, graphing, creating a piece of music or collecting data from our various items of sensory equipment.

Information Communication Technology is used throughout the curriculum. It is taught from Reception onwards in small groups where the children gain some basic computing knowledge, to whole classes in the schools I.T area for the older children where their skills can flourish under direct teaching.

Children have the opportunity to use digital cameras and multimedia to enhance their presentation of work. This area is becoming increasingly important in opening up the world to the children at the touch of a button. We use it fully and have developed links with schools in four continents.

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