Physical Education

We aim to develop agility, physical co-ordination, fitness, confidence and enjoyment through physical activities.

The main areas of our PE are based around six themes:

  1. Dance - creating and performing formal and creative dance sequences
  2. Games - a range of team games and sport activities developing skills and tactics in mini-games and applying their skills and competencies in more traditional sports and competitions
  3. Gymnastics - developing the core skills of agility, balance and co-ordination; using these in creating and performing fluent sequences on the floor and apparatus
  4. Swimming
  5. Athletics - running, jumping and throwing activities
  6. Outdoor and adventurous activities - more advanced activities including problem solving.


The school encourages all children to participate in sport in order to develop an appreciation of teamwork, a respect of and tolerance of the abilities of others and an awareness of opportunities to enjoy fulfilling leisure activities.

The P.E programme is designed to make full use of the school's excellent facilities of a large field and modern hall, and includes development of skills using large and small apparatus, ball skills, team games and dance.

Swimming takes place weekly, at the Snow Dome , for pupils from year 3 upwards. priority is given to increasing water confidence and ensuring that all children learn to swim. A high percentage of children develop their swimming techniques to award level.

All children are expected to take part in P.E and swimming unless we receive a note from you.


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