From the early years, children are provided with the opportunities for discovery and experimentation through first hand experience. They are encouraged to observe, discuss, classify, compare, set up fair tests and record and interpret their findings. Through their investigations children are given the opportunity to learn about life processes and living things, materials and their properties and physical processes. Activities will take place in the context of the study of themes laid down in the National Curriculum and each theme will be visited every two years as the children develop understanding.

The science curriculum is divided into these two key areas:

  1. Scientific enquiry or working scientifically - understanding how to explore and investigate all aspects of science; understanding the nature, processes and methods of science (this strand of science runs across all other specific strands)
  2. Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding on a variety of scientific themes as follows:


  • Years 1/2: plants, animals (including humans), everyday materials and their uses, seasonal changes, living things and their habitats;
  • Years 3/4: plants, animals (including humans - nutrition, skeletons, muscles), rocks and soils, states of matter, light and sound, forces and magnets, electricity, living things and their habitats
  • Years 5/6: animals (including humans - ages and stages, and evolution and inheritance), properties and changes of materials, earth in space, forces, living things and their habitats, light, electricity.

Our aim is to nurture the enquiring mind and extend children's knowledge and understanding of the world around them


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