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Early Years Home Learning!

Hello all Early years children, please find your planning for this week below. Our new topic for the next two weeks is time travellers! Enjoy smiley

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Nursery Planning W/C 22.03.21

Mini Adventure – Time Travel

Story of the week –  ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’


Song of the week – ‘5 Little men in a flying saucer’


Word of the week – clock

Number blocks - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08dmn88/numberblocks-series-1-hide-and-seek 

‘Days of the Dinosaur’


Step back in time and pretend you lived amongst the dinosaurs. Grab some blankets and make a ‘cave den’

Listen out for those big stomping feet! Feel the shake of the ground as they roar!





‘Hide and seek Dinosaur’

Play with a sibling or an adult.


Take it in turns to hide the dinosaurs. Remember, you can hide them behind, underneath, next to or in front of things.


The person finding has to use their language to tell the hider when the dinosaur is found

“It’s behind the sofa”

“It’s underneath the rug”


Let’s get crafty!


Dinosaur fossils are always fun to create. Have a look at some pictures of fossils and try to make your own using cotton buds or raw broken spaghetti. You’ll need some glue and paper to stick your fossil to.

 (M&H, EMM)

Forest School Fun!


Let’s go digging for fossils!

Grab yourself something to dig with and hunt the fossils.

Find a suitable area to dig and see what treasures you can find.







(M&H, BI)

D for Dinosaur

Why not practise your mark making skills?

Put loose rice or glitter into a tray and use your finger to mark out a ‘d’

You can use anything you like to mark make with –brushes, sticks or your finger

(W, M&H)  


        Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure

Pick an episode of Andy’s Dinosaur adventure and escape to a world of Dinosaurs!

You can even learn the ‘Dinosaur rap’









(EMM, L&A, S)

Can you count to the beat of the clock??

Using a clock at home look at the numbers around it. Can you identify any of the numerals?

We’re going to find different ways to count to 12. Clapping to 12, stamping to 12 and jumping to 12.

Pointing to different numbers on the clock can you change how many times you do the claps, stamps and jumps?

(N, L&A, PD)

Play a game of

‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’


Everybody loves a game.

Play with a few members in your household or lots in the setting


Make sure you take turns to be the wolf and be careful when counting your steps …….. you don’t want the wolf to catch you!



(MFB, MR, N, L&A, PD)

‘Circle time’ Guess the person.

Using clues from a parent or sibling can you guess the special time?

Travel back in time in your memory, use photos or music. Can you remember the special time?

(Parents to ping in with a special memory of their child to share in circle time. Can the children guess the child?)

(L&A, S, U, MR)

‘Song time’

Join in with our song of the week

‘5 Little men in a flying saucer’







(EMM, N)

 Reception Homework W/C 26.04.21

Please complete the homework set each week. Each week your child will be set new homework tasks to complete. Please send into school evidence of your child completing the homework. This can be an email with a picture or sending in the work they have done with them in their homework books.


Talk to an adult and tell them what each word means. If you are unsure what the word means ask an adult to explain the meaning of the word to you. See if you can put this word into a sentence verbally.  (This can be evidenced by an adult writing down what your child has said in their exact words.) 


Count to 20 everyday! 

 Group 1: Complete number three activity sheet.

Group 2: Complete finding all the squares on the nuberblock four sheet.

Group 3: Using two toys can you share out 10 bricks between them equally. Now try it with 3,4,5 toys. Can they be shared equally? If not why? What could you do to make it equal?