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Year 6

smileyWelcome to Year 6! smiley

Endeavour Class

In our classroom, we have two adults that help with our learning. 

Mrs Lawrence is our class teacher. Mrs Lawrence tries really hard to make our learning fun and engaging yet tricky enough to keep us on our toes, whether that is in English, Maths or even PE! 

Mrs O'Sullivan is our teaching assistant who helps us with a wide range of our learning. She enjoys working with lots of groups to support where needed and to challenge those that are acing their learning tasks!

As the oldest children in our school, we try hard to be good role models for the rest of the children. We enjoy helping with the younger children  and carrying out jobs around the school. We have a brilliant attitude to our learning. We are growing in independence and determination to do the very best we can.

We try to be aspirational, expressive and our curiousity spurs us on!

As a class, we are proud to be unique, artistic, thoughtful and helpful to one another.

Helpful Websites

Newsround - Keep upto date with what is going on in the rest of the world!

ThinkUKnow - Keep yourself safe online!

Primary Homework Help - All sorts of information and games covering all subjects.

Spelling Frame - Practise your spellings.

My Mini Maths - Daily maths practice challenges.

Times Table Rockstars - Challenge Mrs Lawrence, the undisputed champion (so far!)

Pobble 365 - Use your imagination - Awesome daily pictures - continue the story, imagine what happened before, answer the questions imaginatively

SATS Revision Links - 

English Bitesize - Activities and information to help practise skills for Year 6 English.

Maths Bitesize - Activities and information to help practise skills for Year 6 Maths.

My Mini Maths - Practise a range of skills and apply them.

MathsBot - Use Question Generators and choose the skills you want to work on. Topic ladder or differentiated questions are good.

IXL - Skills Practice

Past SATs Papers

Mini tests