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Behaviour, Social and Emotional Difficulties


Behavioural emotional and social, difficulties may become apparent in the following ways: age inappropriate behaviour or that which seems otherwise socially inappropriate or strange; behaviour which interferes with the learning of the pupil or their peers (e.g. persistent calling out in class, refusal to work, persistent annoyance of peers); signs of emotional turbulence (e.g. unusual tearfulness, withdrawal from social situations); difficulties in forming and maintaining positive relationships (e.g. isolation from peers, aggressiveness to peers and adults).

Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) can be due to an environmental factor/ medical need. Children are learning everyday, and some children may make mistakes with their behavour, emotions and social behaviours. School is a ideal place to learn how to behave, how to react, how to recognise feelings and communicate with others.

How can you support your child who may have diffficulties with behaviour and social skill